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Company Values in Gamification

Online Casino Companies value the process of the Gamification technique for the following benefits.

  • Increase in returning players

    The Gamification directly contributes to the increase in number of the players returning to the site to play more games.

  • Extending the lifetime of the player

    It contributes to more loyal customers, as they tend to gain more popularity in the online casinos when a leaderboard comes into play.

  • Valuing the Player

    When the player feels they are valued and recognized by the online casino, they tend to return for playing as there is a sense of familiarity.

  • Increased Profits

    With more customers returning and increasing the new signup with the social sharing, the online casinos have a higher return of investments.

Motivation & Gamification

The psychology behind the Gamification technique is the user’s motivation. To motivate the player the online casinos employs different methodologies like loyalty points, rewards, the level jumps and the leaderboards. They also make the players believe that with the experience the games or the challenges get easier. So they tend to play again to get the hang of the game. With gambling, the players feel the pleasure of winning when the dopamine is released in their brain. So the Gamification process aims for the release of dopamine by giving the sense of achievement by setting goals. By being able to track those points to attain the goals make the player to release the dopamine and to feel the sense of achievement. Even though the Gamification has its own benefits, it also has adverse effects when the players fail to gamble responsibly. Some of the players invest both their time and money at online casinos only to lose all their money. This often leads to gaming addiction and much more problems associated with it. So it is every players and casino owner’s responsibility to have a word of caution on online gambling and its addiction.