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Gamification –Technology Behind Online Gambling

Gamification is the process of integrating any particular business with the gaming techniques to increase the people’s advantages depending on the interest generated. This is not about creating a new game or new business. It is all about using the existing idea with more presentable platform that encourages the users to use the Gamification to their won personal interest. This in turn increases the sales, and the awareness of the business possibly bringing in new clients. This new clients will also bring new clients and this will grow the business further.

There are many businesses that use the Gamification technique in order to increase their existing profit and also to engage more people. Some of the businesses are Samsung, the worldwide know electronics brand, Verizon, the famous telecommunication business and even the US Army. This technique is also very often met in competitive or saturated markets in order to compensate for the old clients' curiosity of trying a new brand. Example of such markets are sports supplements, online casinos or electronics.

  • Samsung

    Samsung is the one of the companies that uses the Gamification techniques. What this means is that Samsung users are rewarded for being active on the online forums. This helps both the client who is being given bonuses, but also helps the brand to become more popular and trustable

  • Verizon

    Verizon, the famous telecommunication business encourages the users to earn points when they promote their business in social media by sharing their posts or posting comments. This benefits their company by gaining free public exposure.

  • US Army

    Maybe it’s strange to know that even U.S Army uses Gamification technique for their recruting process. There is an online soldiering game that’s been made public. By using tracking technology, they can prospect suitable candidates

  • Gamification in Online Casinos

    With the invention of the new technologies over the past decade such as smartphones and tablets becoming far more accessible, a new era has started and it has completely changed the face of the online casinos. This means that there is absolutely no restriction on the time and place of people being able to gamble online.

  • Gamification benefits for Users & Online Casino Owners

    By employing the Gamification technique, the users will have an online experience equivalent to the land casinos as it would be more enjoyable and indirectly motivates them to return to the same site. So the returning customers are always an added advantage for the virtual business owner. Online casino owners are benefitted when the user remains loyal to the site.

Need for Gamification

There are huge numbers of online casinos available on the internet. Putting in less money with more return on investment has lured lot of persons to start playing in online casinos. With the hundreds of online casinos available across the world, it’s always a challenge to maintain customer loyalty.

One way of retaining the existing customers or to attract a new customer is through offers with bonus points or by adding more credits to their account. Like every site, even the offers are not very attractive for the gamblers who find the offers in every other site. Gamification comes into play to meet the increasing demand of the players and to benefit the casino online .

Gamification Methods in Online Casinos

For online casinos to get benefitted, they need to retain their customers so that they return again and again to the same site to gamble. Almost all the online casinos have bonus points or initial signup bonus but this technique will not be helpful in retaining the gambler. Few of the Gamification techniques used by the popular sites are truly successful

  • Reward Programs

    Reward programs are the age old technique used to give additional benefits for the returning customers. By using Gamification, this program is improved to a new level where the returning customers are benefitted bigger and to win more attractive prizes.

  • Sharing in Social Media

    By sharing their points earned or the games they won on the social media the gambler invite their virtual friends to have a go as well. In conclusion, the gamblers are being motivated to do so by being given additional benefits when their points or achievements are shared online. Thisis an indirect way to promote the site and it is also non-agressive as people trust their friends and are interested in their passions.

  • Point Boards

    Also called as leaderboards. Leaderboards give the players a sense of achievement, to rank their winnings, their position in these point boards might give an additional interest to win and improve their position.

  • Goals

    Some of the online casinos have come up with goals for the players in order to win special benefit or offer. This motivates the players to return to the site often to meet the goal.special benefit or offer.


Gamification in online casinos works to encourage the player to play more. This can be achieved only by motivating the players. In online casinos, the players feel motivated only when they have the sense of control over the games, even though the win or lose might not be controlled. An online casino uses the motivation as the base goal to increase their profits.